Setting up "Catch-all" e-mail account in Windows 2003 Server

One of the features that is not included in Microsoft POP3 server (part of Windows 2003 Server) "out-of-the-box" is a "catch-all acount", i.e. an account that collects all e-mail that is not send to a valid recipient.

The suggested solution is a set of scripts that allows to set up such account. While not providing universal flexibility, it solves the basic problem - all mail that wold be otherwise undelivered, is delivered to a specified account.

I Instructions

1. Download zipped scripts.

2. Unpack archive contents to a directory. This should not be a temporary, but rather a permanent directory. Open command prompt and cd to that directory.

3. Run the following command:

cscript configure.vbs

where is a designated account to collect generic mail. This account must exist and be local to the server. Otherwise an error message will be displayed.

4. To change the catch-all account name run script again specifying the new account.

5. To revert to the original behavior run: unreg.cmd

6. All of the above operations require adminstrative privileges for currently logged on user

7. Script needs to be run again if:

II Limitations

This script will not be able to:

III Support

I would be able to provide a limited support for this script (obvious bugs and showstoppers) at the following address:

Alex Feinman January 10, 2003